EXECUTIVE CARE INC. is a family-owned company.  It is large enough to provide you with a myriad of services. Our immediate objective is  to solve your current cleaning frustrations by providing for a smooth transition to our Executive Care Program that will create a clean, healthy and fresh environment for employees, visitors and patients.


Thirteen years ago, Danny Bagallon started Executive Care Services as a single proprietor.  From our beginning as a mop and bucket operation in July 1998, we provided route work to a sports fishing production firm in Waterdown, Ontario.

From this humble beginning, Executive Care Services has expanded both the volume and the type of services provided.  A major milestone and symbol of the company’s development was the Incorporation in January 2006.

Today, Executive Care Inc. stands as one of the major players within the industry and a pioneer into new areas of service.  One of the most trusted and reputable contracting building maintenance and cleaning company in the province of Ontario, Executive Care Inc. now has a network of offices in Mississauga, Brantford, Cambridge, Kitchener and soon in Toronto to better serve customers.

We are continually training and staffing operations and service areas to help today’s businesses get the job done.  Throughout Executive Care Inc. history, the dependability and diligence of our employees and associates are the most important factors of our success.


  • To provide our clients all encompassing solutions which deliver the highest quality service.
  • To establish and maintain a system of “housekeeping” in the premises and preservation of property assets in optimum condition.
  • To use integrity in all aspects of the business, with clients, staffs, suppliers and builds relationship that last.  Our relationship is honest, professional and result oriented.
  • To enhance the company’s profile by providing exemplary service and making a contribution to the wider community wherever possible.